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3000 NE Andresen Rd, Vancouver WA, 98661

Open Tuesday - Saturday 10am-6pm

Delivery Information


We will call you once your furniture arrives at the number you provided. We are open Tuesday- Saturday 10am to 6pm for pickups. No need to call ahead, just stop by and we will take care of you. Please be sure your vehicle is suited to carry your new furniture. Unfortunately, we cannot take responsibility for how your vehicle is loaded. Pickup trucks work great for large boxes, but tend to be more difficult for unboxed items like chairs. Note: Please let us know immediately of any damage you encounter. Due to the quality of our product and packaging, issues are VERY rare. Examples include a broken part or split wood seam. Generally surface scratches or dents are indicative of a miss-handled product AFTER unpacking. Please be careful when handling your new furniture! If it is determined to be a manufacturer's defect, just bring it back and we will repair or replace the item.


Our minimum delivery fee is $125. Once your furniture arrives, we will call you to set up delivery for the next available Saturday. Please be sure the address you provided is accurate. We will do everything possible to have your furniture delivered as quickly as possible after it arrives, however we do occasionally get backed up and need to delay the delivery a week or so.  You will have a delivery time assigned to you to help you plan your day. Our delivery team is normally prompt, but should they get behind, they will call you and let you know.

On the big day - we will just need clear access from your driveway to the room your furniture goes into including enough room for assembly (if required). The pathway from your driveway to your house must be paved, as carrying heavy items over uneven terrain can be very dangerous.


We have designed our delivery policy to be as simple and straightforward as possible. There are only two situations that generally require additional fees: 

  1. If the delivery address is more than 30 minutes drive time from the store, and/or;

  2. Your delivery requires longer than 30 minutes to complete.

Examples include a high-rise building requiring the use of an elevator, moving your furniture around in the home, or having multiple pieces to assemble. Any extra time will be charged at $100 per hour prorated to the 1/4 hour. We will be happy to provide an initial quote. Just ask us!


Please see store for details regarding our out of state delivery service.