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Your Wood Furniture FAQs Answered

When you’re contemplating your first wood furniture purchase, you can quickly discover that there’s a bit to learn about! You’ve probably figured out that not all furniture is made the same way, and that the type of wood has a big effect on the quality. How to make the decision on buying the best piece for your lifestyle always brings up questions. Here are some common ones we encounter.

Wood Furniture Information & Tips

Where to buy quality furniture?

To locate a good source for wood furniture, you’ll want to steer clear of retailers that don’t specialize in it. Sure, a lot of the “Big Box” stores will carry some pieces, and the prices may seem quite appealing. To offer those prices required a lot of shortcuts in the manufacturing process. Look for a furniture store that has been in business for some time, has good reviews, and that has staff that happily shares their knowledge.

How to fix cracks in wood furniture

Prevention is your first line of defense! Good wood furniture is much less likely to crack or have other problems. When you purchase solid wood pieces, you’re dealing with a material that has lasted centuries in buildings and antique furniture. Take care of your quality wood pieces by keeping them in an environment with the proper humidity - fortunately, this is the range that you’re comfortable in, too. Otherwise- just keep it clean and polished.

How to lighten a dark wood stain

Lightening an existing wood stain can be done with some effort.You’ll need to remove the existing finish, possibly bleach the wood surface, and and then stain and seal the piece to preserve your work. It takes time, but you can find the items you’ll need for the project at your hardware store.

Which types of wood are used for furniture?

There are many types of wood used - and some are better than others. You’re probably familiar with some of the types: Birch, Cedar, Cherry, Hickory, and Pine are a few. There are also some newer names, such as Mindi and Parawood. It’s good to have a little knowledge about the types, when you’re out shopping. Some woods are better for the interior of furniture, such as drawer linings. Others excel on the exterior surfaces.

Which wood is best for furniture?

Look for hardwoods for maximum strength and durability. You should be able to talk to a salesperson about what the piece is made of. Avoid laminate pieces and particle board construction. Quality wood furniture is solid hardwood.

What does “real wood” mean?

There’s a lot of furniture out there that is cleverly disguised as real wood pieces. Real wood furniture is not made from chipboard, particleboard, or fiberboard. It will have all the indications that it’s been cut from whole wood pieces: Wood grain that doesn’t repeat, a solid feel, and good construction.

How do you clean wood furniture?

Real wood furniture is both durable and easy to care for - one of the many reasons it’s a great investment. Keep it clean with regular dusting and any commercial wood care product and a soft cloth. For something a little stickier, a microfiber cloth can give a bit more cleaning power.

What’s the best way to polish wood furniture?

Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Depending on the finish and color of your wood, there are a variety of products to keep it looking its best. Another great source of information is your furniture dealer - they want their customers to be happy with their purchase, and will give good advice on how to make it last.

How to best care for wooden furniture

Fortunately, wood furniture is happy with a lot of the same things that you are: A comfortable humidity range, level floors, and some protection. It’s not fussy! Just keep it clean and polished, and you’ll enjoy solid wood furniture for decades.

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